Introducing KeNIA's

Innovation Champions

Kenya National Innovation Agency (KeNIA) is building pool of innovation champions across government, private sector, institutions of higher learning, research centers and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVETs).

The champions become the agents of sustaining innovation momentum in local institutions through capacity building of colleagues, organizing events, scouting innovations, building partnerships, mentoring innovators and startups among others.

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About the Program

Innovation Champions program is designed to enhance capacity of innovation-enthusiastic individuals in institutions who wish to become transformative agents of their community. KeNIA will support the champions to build networks, access resources, plan and execute local initiatives that would energize the local innovation movement. KeNIA organizes training programs that champions will be invited to attend, including but not limited to innovation management, commercialization of research, technology transfer, incubation management and resource mobilization.

KeNIA may be able to sponsor some of the innovation fellows to attend training programs. Scholarships will be based on a criterion developed and implemented by KeNIA.

As part of the initial five-day induction workshop, innovation champions will be guided to develop localized and realistic plans for their institutions and would be supported by KeNIA in most practical ways to implement these plans over time. KeNIA will remain in touch with champions to support the implementation of their plans. Plans would include practical activities such as planning and executing innovation summits, building partnership, developing incubation policies, proposing institutional reforms among others.

How it Works

The championship begins with you being nominated for the program and being selected after a thorough vetting process. On selection there will be periodical communication on the status of the program, and other details of the same.
You only become a fully fledged Innovation Champions after completing the Induction Program, and by extension, the Technology Transfer and Commercialization workshop

  • Get Nominated for Consideration.

    You can get nominated by a notable person from your institution here to be considered.

  • Be Vetted by the KeNIA Secretariat.

    Your application will go through an iterative vetting process.

  • Get Admitted into the Program.

    The program involves various activities and trainings that will enhance your innovative capacity. See workshops here.

  • Champion Innovation Agenda in Your Institution.

    In collaboration with KeNIA, continuously champion innovation agenda in your institution.

  • Enhance Your Innovation Influence.

    Enhance your influence in your institution with support from KeNIA.

What We Offer

Working with key partners, the Innovation Champions program will equip you with needed skills and resources necessary for you to champion innovation incentives, programs, and activities in your institution. Through the program you will be part of an innovation community that works to enhance socio-economic development in the country. The key benefits are outlined below;

Scholarship to Trainings

Based on a criterion developed by KeNIA, some of the innovation champions will receive scholarships to attend some of the training workshops and events organized by KeNIA and partners.

Relevant Resources & Information

Receive packages of information, planned trainings and seminars, tools, templates, resources that they can domesticate or adopt for their local contexts to promote and enable innovation in institutions.

Networking Opportunities

Network with other champions across the country, & facilitators who are conversant with specifics of promoting innovation agenda. Through the network, you will receive support & mentorship on your local agenda.

3-Day Induction Workshop

A 3-day workshop on Technology Transfer & Commercialization of Research. This is a requirement for the innovation champion, & forms part of the induction. You will receive a certificate of participation once you attend this workshop.

Workshops and Trainings

In collaboration with the Innovation Academy, KeNIA offers further workshops including the Technology Transfer and Commercialization Workshop, which forms part of the Induction Program. KeNIA Champions can attend these workshops as a way to continuously increase their innovative capacity.

Induction Program

The 3 main segments of the Innovation Champions induction program include; orientation, Technology Transfer & Commercialization workshop and domesticating individual innovation plans.

27TH JULY, 2021

Orientation Session

An introductory session to orient champions on the activities of the next couple of days.

28TH JULY, 2021       29TH JULY, 2021

Technology Transfer & Commercialization Workshop

Session 1

08.00 am to 17.00 pm

Session 2

08.00 am to 17.00 pm

30TH JULY, 2021

Domesticating Innovation Plans

Domesticating innovation plans for local institutions with support from KeNIA.

Please note that the May cohort is full. Further applications will be considered as part of the Second Cohort [27th to 30th July, 2021]


More facilitators and speakers will be announced in due course.

Dr. George Kosimbei
Dr. George Kosimbei

Director, Innovation Incubation & University Industry Linkages
Kenyatta University

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bayer
Prof. Dr. Thomas Bayer

Vice President, Internationalization and Transfer
University Neu-Ulm (Germany)

Dr. Tonny Omwansa
Dr. Tonny Omwansa

Chief Executive Officer
Kenya National Innovation Agency